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I have always been a keen gardener since the age of eight when I discovered simple commerce where a simple  packet of seeds could be turned into a profitable pocket money business. I did at this time want to be a landscaper and a gardener who at this time discovered I suffered with hayfever which put this ambition back many years.  I have worked on the renovation of the last two houses we have owned.

During last summer I joined a team working on the Milford Hospital Courtyard Garden, this benefits the recovering patients and visitors where they have a green space to aid recovery and to socalise.

I am looking forward to joining the group when work re-commences in spring.

I have now returned to my first passion as a gardener and landscaper. Recently landscaping a small front garden and creating a planting scheme which I am waiting to come to frution. I am currently studing at Merrest Wood agricultural college for a RHS formal qualification.

I am an active committee member of the Milford Horticultural and Gardening Society, which I have been a member for the last five years firstly as newsletter editor and now as membership secretary and work on the catering commitee to make sure that events run smoothly for over two hundred members. When time permits I try to spend time on two of my hobbies one being a coutre dressmaker and photographer.

Last year I become interested in the affects of the moon on plants and progation and now if possible following this regume the plants are stronger and germinated much quicker if planted at the right moon phase. Which makes perfect sense as orginally there were no clocks or calendars to plant to just the moon phases.

In the garden and allotment I try as far as possible not to use chemicals, slug pellets, weed killers as I do not want these chemicals on my vegetables or on my skin or the water table. I try as far as possilbe to recycle pots and many different items appear in the garden for different uses which drives my husband mad. I tried to use natural remedies for killing or imped slugs or snails which I use grit and coffee grounds and will be trying out the garlic spray on the slugs this year as well.

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